One of the best singer songwriters that the Northwest has to offer, Gerry's Liverpool/Irish roots make her a wonderful performer, writer and recording artist of rich contemporary folk music. Her song writing has evolved over the years, influenced initially by the music that her Irish Father - who was a Cunard Yank - brought home from America during her childhood. Rock and Roll and Country and Western made up the musical diet at home, together with the Irish folk songs that her Irish Grandmother used to sing. These different but connected genres made an engagement with the Folk Revival a natural progression for her.

With their strong local flavour, Gerry's own songs make many references to Liverpool's maritime history while their style is firmly rooted in traditional folk and shanty. Now she is embarked on a mission to record and celebrate a way of life which has all but disappeared from Liverpool - and every other major seaport. The hard lives of the women left behind when the sailors went off to sea have never been given a voice in the same way that the lives of their husbands and sons were, in traditional Shanty. Songs such as The Other Maggie May, When The Wind Blows Up From The Mersey and of course Cunard Yanks do just that, being written from the point of view of the wives and the families left behind.

Gerry is a musician with a great voice who is in demand at festivals and live venues across Merseyside and the UK. She is a regular performer in Holland and 2017 Saw her adding Rosses Point in Sligo and the Maritiem Festival at the Zuiderzee Museum, Enkhuizen to her festival destinations. In October 2017 she was the winner of the Costa del Folk Talent Showcase in Portugal.

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