The BellApple Boys!


The appearance anywhere on the planet by the BellApple Boys is a wondrous event to behold! ... or so they tell us!

With over a hundred years of playing experience between them as Singers / Songwriters and Multi-Instrumentalists, neither of them can remember why or how they're doing it! ... but doing it they are! and if they can remember each other's names, and who plays what ... and when ...then they're sure to be a joy to see and hear!

'Marvellous Musicianship'! 'Scintilating Skills'! and 'Beautifully Balanced Repertoire'! are all phrases that have never been heard after a BellApple Boys performance!

The good news is they don't have a C.D. out yet!

Miss them at your peril... or anywhere else, for that matter! See them play here

Louth Folk Club




Getting to the Brown Cow






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